We recently had a request for a dual screen setup that would mimic what you find in some of the nicest (and most expensive!) professional farming tractors you can buy. These screens features the following:

  • 8-button relay setup along the bottom of the screen with icons for each use (things like lights, a PTO switch, hazards, differential lock, etc.)
  • Gear indicator (forward, neutral, reverse, park)
  • Tractor animation whose tire speed is dependent on the vehicle’s speed (using a GPS speedometer)
  • Resettable trip distance and fuel used readouts, one for each page of the screen
  • An indicator for GPS connection
  • An array of gauges and readouts for various temperature, pressure, and other sensors

The customer also purchased bezels for each screens that will be used to mount the screens- we’ll post more photos in the future when he’s done with the project!

This is a great example of how OneGauge can be used for anything- any vehicle, any engine. Not only are our sensors universal (just like typical aftermarket analog and digital gauges), but we can add new gauges if needed to fit a specific engine.

We had fun with this one and will keep working with the customer if he ever needs any updates or added features.