We’re excited to share that we’ve added two new capabilities to the OneGauge system!

First is proximity sensors. These sensors have the ability to detect objects in their field of vision (about 30 degrees) between 2 inches and 10 feet or more away. We’re including these because they would make great parking or reverse monitoring sensors, or a creative way to monitor approaching rocks or obstacles if you’re off-roading.

The second is an NFC/RFID reader that controls a relay. This reader is triggered when you use a key-fob, card, or NFC-enabled Android and come within about 10cm or so of the reader. The reader then controls a relay, which can then turn on or off power to your device. I plan on installing this in my truck to prevent the ignition from being powered unless my keys are in the truck (I currently have push-button start). However, this could be used to control anything electrical on your vehicle.

We’re excited to continue to offer innovative products and solutions for any vehicle, boat, ATV, or whatever you have with an engine. If you have ideas or requests, please email us at info@theonegauge.com!