OneGauge Ordering Instructions

Step 1: Select your sensors.

You’ll need to decide what sensors you want to include in your OneGauge system.
– Check out our Features page to explore sensor options. For some sensors you will also need to know specific port or hose sizes, which you can select on the OneGauge Hub order pages.
– If you’re concerned about installation or want to know more, check our the  OneGauge Installation Instructions. 
– For help deciding which sensors you need, and for a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything, check our OneGauge Sensor List.

Step 2:  Purchase the OneGauge Hub. 

The OneGuage Hub is the “brain” of the OneGauge system and is essential for the operation of all sensors and displays.  Screw terminals make installing each sensor quick and allow the easy addition of sensors in the future. The Hub uses bluetooth-based communication to transmit the data either to your phone/tablet, your selected display, or both, so you don’t have to run sensor wires through the firewall. Once you’ve selected what sensors you want, use the links below to either build a custom Hub kit or choose a “pre-built” kit with the most popular sensor options.

OneGauge Hub Custom Kit

Build a custom kit and include only the sensors you want.

Starting at $200

OneGauge PreBuilt Kits

Too many sensor choices? Choose a common configuration.

Starting at $250

Step 3: Select a display option.

– You can explore screen options on the  OneGauge Displays purchase page.
– If you plan on only using a single Android phone or tablet there is no need to purchase an additional display. The OneGauge Hub will be ready to connect to your device after installation. Check out the Display page for tablet and accessory recommendations.

Step 4: Add any extras and accessories

If you need any accessories, such as , use the links in the Sensor Purchase page to add accessories to your cart. For recommendations on tablets or display accessories, visit our Display Purchase page.

Before ordering, verify that you have included all the sensors and/or displays you would like. Our OneGauge Sensor List can help you make sure you have everything you need. If you have any questions at all before your order, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us at!